St. Louis, Missouri

September 15, 2016

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elm-conf is a one-day conference focusing on the Elm programming language and its libraries, colocated with Strange Loop. It aims to be a welcoming place for people worldwide to meet one another and learn about what is happening with the language and community.


We have a full lineup of great speakers for elm-conf. We have a wide range of topics, from making music to diving into how Elm helps ADHD to using templates for easier maintenance. It's going to be quite a day!

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Evan Czaplicki - Creator of Elm

9:00 AM Keynote by Evan Czaplicki - Creator of Elm

Evan created Elm, a functional language for web programming. He is an open source engineer at NoRedInk, where all front-end code is written in Elm these days. He continues to develop the language, tools, and libraries full time.

Ossi Hanhinen

9:50 AM Beyond Hello World and Todo Lists by Ossi Hanhinen

Have you come into grips with Elm as a language and prolific enough to start using it in a real project? Awesome! Did you already have an idea of how you would structure your application, handle authentication and maybe show toast-like pop up messages in the UI? If not, this talk is for you.

Luke Westby

10:40 AM Compilers as Therapists, or Why Elm is Good for ADHD by Luke Westby

I have ADHD and struggle to stay focused on things. This has actually been helpful in learning JS since things change as quickly as my attention does, but it makes it hard to finish things. Elm pushes out distractions so I can focus, and at last the first side-project I’ve ever completed is in Elm!

Tessa Kelly

12:30 PM Lightning Talk: Functional Data Structures by Tessa Kelly

Elegant data structures are different across programming languages, and creating them should be approached differently. Leverage Elm’s union types to build simple and readable structures, beginning with binary trees.

Matthew Griffith

12:30 PM Lightning Talk: Rich Animation by Matthew Griffith

Games and rich applications present a compelling use-case for Elm, but managing dynamic animations can quickly become complicated. Here’s how to succinctly express animation pipelines using the elm-style-animation library and how to architect your animation code in a readable, extensible manner.

Abadi Kurniawan

12:30 PM Lightning Talk: 0-60 in 15 Minutes: Building a Realtime App With Elm and Horizon by Abadi Kurniawan

While Elm pretty much solves the tool and framework fatigue when starting a new front-end project, we still have the same issue for the back-end. Using Horizon in your Elm app can help alleviate the pain by reducing the amount of work you have to do in the back-end, so you can write more Elm code.

Joël Quenneville

1:15 PM Rolling Random Romans by Joël Quenneville

Jeff Schomay

1:40 PM Building an Interactive Storytelling Framework in Elm by Jeff Schomay

The Elm Architecture works great for apps, but how about for building a game framework? This talk looks at using the strengths of Elm to build the open source “Elm Narrative Engine,” including an example interactive story and the challenges and solutions faced in using Elm to make a framework.

Jessica Kerr

2:05 PM The Clockwork Gardener: Growing an Elm App With Templates by Jessica Kerr

I love the explicitness and structure of Elm. I don’t love typing.

A mechanical friend can help with both: smart templates modify code to perform common tasks, and Github PRs keep this safe and editor-independent.

See an Elm project created and grown with strategically placed automation.

Murphy Randle

3:00 PM - Elm and Crowd-Source Music-Making by Murphy Randle

This talk combines the power of Elm and Elixir’s Phoenix to turn Twitter into a platform for live crowd-sourced music composition. We’ll cover Elm and Elixir channels, custom DSL parsing in Elm, and driving the Web Audio API through Elm’s native inter-op abstraction: ports.

Richard Feldman

3:50 PM Making Impossible States Impossible by Richard Feldman

Among the most time-consuming bugs to track down are the ones where we look at our application state and say “this shouldn’t be possible.”

We can use Elm’s compiler to rule out many of these bugs in the first place—but only if we design our Models using the right techniques! This talk explores how.

All Speakers

4:15 PM Q&A by All Speakers

Q&A Session with all the elm-conf speakers.

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